FBA Giving Challenge 2020

This campaign ended on May 13, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Bates College by clicking here!

It's STILL a Great Day to Be a Bobcat!

Celebrate the students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends who make every day a Great Day to be a Bobcat!

Give back to Bates today!

It's STILL a Great Day to Be a Bobcat!
FBA Giving Challenge 2020
4,583 Donors
$1,006,584 Donated

Become an advocate and show your support today!

Now, more than ever, we need your support of our Bobcats as they give it their all on and off the field. Join alumni, parents, and friends of Bates athletics by making a gift to FBA today. You can support your favorite varsity sport or athletics’ area of greatest need. Gifts to FBA will help provide the resources necessary to compete at the highest level in the NESCAC and beyond. 

Until we can come together and watch our Bobcats play the sports they love, let's make today and tomorrow an even greater day to be a Bobcat. 

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Team Leaderboard

Women's Basketball 714$13,496
Swimming & Diving 713$44,903
Men's Basketball 127$36,539
Volleyball 106$9,279
Nordic Skiing 82$5,558
Women's Soccer 77$12,394
Rowing 72$14,570
Men's Rugby 70$8,494
Softball 64$4,208
Alpine Skiing 63$4,209
Women's Lacrosse 62$12,000
Women's Ice Hockey 61$6,400
Men's Lacrosse 56$11,634
Men's Track & Field 55$11,733
Men's Ultimate 54$3,056
Women's Ultimate 43$2,848
Field Hockey 42$8,202
Men's Soccer 41$6,390
Women's Track & Field 39$2,896
Football 35$7,932
Sailing 34$3,275
Women's Cross Country 31$4,379
Baseball 27$4,913
Men's Cross Country 26$4,059
Men's Tennis 17$2,424
Women's Tennis 11$1,103
Women's Squash 11$1,178
Men's Squash 11$3,437
Men's Ice Hockey 9$1,630
Golf 9$3,032
Women's Club Lacrosse 8$183
Women's Waterpolo 8$545
Men's Waterpolo 6$100
Club Skiing 1$100
Equestrian 0$0
Cycling 0$0

Donor affiliations

29% Alumni

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11% Students

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17% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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48% Friends

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Donor list

Jill Packham
Chuck Nason
Stacey Hoehl
Jakob Szwarcewicz
Lesley Smith
Desmond Smart
Emily Apathy
Ken Berg
Jeff Lowe
James Davis
Uncle Bruce
Lucas Brady
In honor of Tom Iampietro
Jeannette Alonso
Abi Pike
Mark Southern
Arman Hall
Christopher Boucree
Abby Searfoss
Mike Barry
Adam Soule
Saverio Martinez
Chad Cory
Liv Piacentini
Emile Scott
JC Pecorari
Juliette Hoehl
K. Nason
Sam Reynoso Williams
Eva Mazur
Tessie Sweeney
Paul Southern
Mort Williams
Latoya Maturine
Jim Curnal
Kaley Swintak
Dan Molnar

Joe Vari photoJoe Vari matched $50
Vantiel Elizabeth Duncan matched $100
Jackson Marvel '95 matched $130
Brett Allen matched $80
Al Fereshetian matched $200
H. Jackson Marvel matched $60
Al Fereshetian matched $200
Al Fereshetian matched $130
Al Fereshetian matched $130
Robert Doig matched $250
Benjamin Lowenstein matched $250
Sean Cahill matched $500
Jane Anderson Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18 matched $500
Nancy Ingersoll Fiddler '78, P'17 matched $500
MC McNeill McBain '81 in honor of Laurie "Croot" Newton '80 matched $390
Anthony Nwachukwu matched $500
Georgeanne Ebersold DiCenso '85 matched $500
Peter B. Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18 matched $430
Peter B. Post '58, P'82, P'87, GP'18 matched $290
Jessie Hild Collins '95 & Tim F. Collins '92 matched $125
Tim F. Collins '92 & Jessie Hild Collins '95 matched $500
Tim F. Collins '92 & Jessie Hild Collins '95 matched $500
Christopher Theile matched $500
Tom Donovan matched $700
Anonymous matched $580
Anonymous matched $125
Anonymous matched $150
Michael Stafford '09 matched $1,000
Chris von Jako '90 matched $1,001
Jeremy Chase '91 matched $575
J.P. Fingado '90 matched $1,400
Mike Leahy '93 matched $2,000
Mike Kinsman '05 matched $2,000
Michael Kinsman matched $2,000
Judy Burns Miller '91 & Greg Miller '88 matched $400
Greg '88 and Judy Burns Miller '91 matched $1,200
Jeffrey Howard and JoEllen Scully P'22 matched $250
Anonymous matched $700
Stephen Brackett '85 matched $2,500
Matt Schecter '89 matched $4,261
Matt Schecter '89 matched $4,840
Ted and Lee Prince P'21 matched $2,600
Ryad Yousuf '99 & Mark '03 and Kate Thomson '00 matched $4,875
David MacNaughton '73 and John Amols '72 matched $15,629
Nina Emmi photoGail Dow '60 matched $5,000
Will Patton photoWill Patton gave $200
Michael Zeilinger gave $1,000
Waldman Family gave $5,000

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