Racial Justice Internships

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to Bates College by clicking here!

President Spencer recently wrote to the alumni community to outline Bates’ commitment to the work of anti-racism at Bates. As part of this commitment, Bates is seeking to raise funds for six new internships focused on racial justice through the Center for Purposeful Work. Two Bates Trustees have offered to match, dollar-for-dollar, any gifts made to this internship fund between now and June 30, up to $24,000.

With community support, these six internships will be funded for the summers of 2021 and 2022 as part of the ongoing commitment to the work of anti-racism for the Bates community. The Center for Purposeful Work will coordinate three core employer internships while three of these opportunities will be up to student determination. Additional support - above and beyond our fundraising goal - will be used to expand the number of internship opportunities.

Purposeful Work Internships help students identify and cultivate their interests and strengths and provide opportunities for them to acquire the knowledge, experiences, and relationships necessary to pursue their aspirations with imagination and integrity. Join the effort to create these new racial justice internships and support the next generation of Bates leaders committed to anti-racism.

Read President Spencer's statement here.



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
1958 1$250
1970 1$100
1972 4$750
1975 2$250
1977 1$500
1987 2$600
1988 2$150
1989 1$25
1990 1$100
1991 1$100
1993 1$800
1995 1$25
1997 2$200
1998 3$225
1999 4$950
2000 7$450
2001 4$325
2002 5$450
2003 2$300
2004 6$425
2005 3$575
2006 6$250
2007 1$50
2008 1$50
2009 4$345
2010 10$465
2011 10$370
2012 14$475
2013 4$475
2014 16$965
2015 8$720
2016 11$645
2017 12$400
2018 14$475
2019 13$510

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Abby Gallant
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Melissa Ducommun Priest
Nicholas Auer
Erin Kintzing
Cassidy, E, Martin
Brit Hastings
Amanda Kesselman
Caitlin E McKitrick Warren
Whitney Roller
samara christman
Olivia Zurek
Howard I Scher
Alison Travers
Mohr, Amy Doherty
Paige Collins
Rachel Ebersole
Alexandra M Carley
Lauren A Demers
Michael H Stone
Susan B Ahnrud
Susan Pappalardo
Mark Winne
Alexandra Hyman
Kristen Connolly
Nicholas & Janine (Ventura) Richards
Sarah C. Jarvis
Corey Creedon
Amod Basnet
Richard Dole, Jr.
Leah Maciejewski
Alana Folsom
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Sangita Murali
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